Cloud Equity Group Announces Acquisition of Established Hosting Provider MochaHost

July 8, 2019


NEW YORK, NY (July 8, 2019) – Private equity investment firm Cloud Equity Group announced today that an entity owned by certain funds it manages has closed on the acquisition of cPanel hosting provider MochaHost. The company, which has been serving customers internationally for over 15 years, has shown significant growth over the past several years – growth the Cloud Equity Group looks to accelerate. The transaction was completed on June 25, 2019.

Cloud Equity Group plans a significant cash infusion to enhance the well-established hosting provider. This additional infusion is expected to improve the service provided to customers, the satisfaction level of existing employees, and to ultimately accelerate the existing growth rate of the business – which is already outperforming the industry average.

Sean Frank, Managing Partner at Cloud Equity Group, said, “This company is a good fit within the firm’s opportunistic investment philosophy. We believe that this company, as a high quality and quickly growing asset, is on track to flourish from having additional resources and capital as well as the experienced ownership that Cloud Equity Group will bring.”

About Cloud Equity Group
Cloud Equity Group is a strategically positioned investment management firm capitalizing on the rapidly expanding industries of web hosting and cloud-based infrastructure. The company’s primary focus is leveraging investor capital in the acquisition of private lower middle market companies that possess high levels of unlevered free cash flow and/or significant opportunity for exponential growth.

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