Guiding Principles

Forward looking investments in cloud-based infrastructure

Guiding Principles

Cloud Equity Group has strategically established and positioned its investment funds to realized above-market non-correlated risk-adjusted returns.

Everything we do is a result of the enduring pursuit of our guiding principles.

These principles not only define our character and culture but fundamentally drive the business we conduct. Combining these principles with a vigorous and thorough due diligence process remains the core strength of our organization.

We strive for excellence and flawless execution by being…


We believe innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.


We are committed to private market returns with public market transparency.


Our approach and creativity can develop opportunities often overlooked by others.


Everyday regional economies, societies, and cultures are becoming more integrated. So must we.


Our capital and reputation are always on the line, we must deliver under the highest standards.


We show initiative, creativity and willingness to undertake new projects.