Forward looking investments in cloud-based infrastructure

Our Approach

We believe in acquiring and growing exceptional companies designed to help small businesses navigate the promise, power, and potential of the web. Our approach is specialized, transparent, and focused within an industry in which our investment team has superior expertise and experience. Typical acquisition targets possess the following attributes:

  • Established and reputable businesses, we do not invest in startups

  • Strong and stable unlevered free cash flow

  • Mature or growth oriented with highly scalable operations

  • High level synergies applicable across multiple portfolio holdings

  • Average annual revenue in excess of $1 million

Our Strategy

Combining the strong attributes of our takeover targets and execution of our key elements leads to clear long-term milestones and definitive priorities. Given the mass consolidation occurring at the top end of the industry, our aim is a build-up strategy targeting the saturated, yet highly inefficient, lower middle market. We intend to maximize investor return through clear alignment of interests and execution of the following key initiates:

  • Implementation of high quality management teams

  • Providing the optimal capital structure

  • Maximizing economies of scale

  • Overall portfolio integration

  • Inorganic growth through addon investments

(Note: Cloud Equity Group does not invest in startups nor provide seed capital)